What are the 2024/2025 fees?

3-Year Old Class
$125* / month
*Please note that the fee before the automatic affordability grant is $200 / month. For those applying for additional subsidy, please use the $200 monthly fee for your applications.


4-Year Old Class
$175* / month
*Please note that the fee before the automatic affordability grant is $250 / month. For those applying for additional subsidy, please use the $250 monthly fee for your applications.

Are parents required to volunteer?

Parents are required to participate and to support their children in the program. The parent is mandatory in our classroom as a second adult to maintain government mandated adult-to-student ratios. Alternate arrangements must be made if illness or extenuating circumstances arise, as if another adult is not present with the teacher during a school day, that class must be cancelled. Refunds will not be provided for missed classroom days due to lack of volunteers. A contact list of other parents in the classroom will be provided at the beginning of the year; it is the parents’ responsibility to find alternate arrangements for volunteer days when needed, it is not the responsibility of the school/teacher.

  • Our program is operated as a parent co-op which relies on parent helpers scheduled on a rotating basis to assist the teacher in each class. By operating as a co-op, we can keep tuition fees lower for our families.
  • Throughout the year the preschool teachers and children host several theme parties that require the help of many parents; as well as encourages parent attendance.
  • A yearly cleaning bee is also required of each student. Sign-ups for these monthly evening cleaning bees will be provided, and once the cleaning bee is completed for each child, the Cleaning Bee deposit will be returned. See Parent Handbook for more

Can I bring the students’ older/younger sibling(s) to class with me to volunteer?

Additional siblings of any age are not permitted in the classroom during volunteer days. These siblings count towards the required adult-to-child government mandated ratios, and different aged siblings could lower the required ratio to render it unachievable.

What does a typical day look like?

View our Classes page to see a typical day!

What is the Lucky Duck Day all about?

The Lucky Duck day is your child’s special day to be the helper, bring show and tell, be a leader throughout the class and bring an adult as a volunteer for the day.

What is your policy on potty training?

All children attending preschool must be toilet trained. We understand that occasional accidents do happen, however we are not equipped or licensed for diaper/pull-up changing or daily accidents.

How do you handle discipline challenges?

Discipline is the responsibility of the teacher. Disciplinary methods necessary/utilized in the classroom are communicated to the parents on an ongoing basis. If a child’s behaviour is inappropriate, the teacher will give suggestions for a positive experience and attempt to redirect the child.

The Parent/Caregiver will be notified if there is an unresolved or ongoing issue. Under no circumstances will any form of physical punishment, verbal or physical degradation or emotional deprivation be inflicted upon a child. Denying or threatening to deny any basic necessity or use of any form of physical restraint, confinement or isolation is not permitted. Any disciplinary action taken must be reasonable in the circumstances

What is play-based learning?

At Kingsland Community Preschool, teachers and children learn and discover together as they imagine, share ideas, collaborate, create and engage in a Reggio-Inspired program. The philosophy of the school reflects some of its core values including the provision of a safe and caring environment where children can develop socially, physically, intellectually, creatively and emotionally. They are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities including art, music, group projects, drama, puppets, story time and free play.

What is the cancellation Policy?

Please refer to our Parent Handbook for our policies regarding withdrawals.