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In the Reggio approach, the teacher is considered a co-learner and collaborator with the child–not just an instructor. Teachers facilitate the child’s learning by planning activities and lessons based on the child’s interests, asking questions to further understanding, and actively engaging in the activities alongside the child.


Meet our teachers: Mrs. Nancy Eckart and Mrs. Tanya Green
Meet our teachers: Mrs. Nancy Eckart and Mrs. Tanya Green

Meet our teachers!

We are so lucky to have two amazing teachers who have been involved in the preschool for years. Not only do our teachers bring their qualifications as Early Childhood Educators to the classroom, but they are both caring and imaginative.






Mrs. Nancy Eckart


“Our image of the child is rich in potential, strong, powerful, competent and most of all connected to adults and other children” Loris Malaguzzi

Nancy Eckart
Mrs. Nancy Eckart


“Throughout my teaching career I taught elementary, middle and adult aged students before finding my favorite place to be: preschool.


I was introduced to the Reggio approach when my middle and youngest sons went to Kindergarten and felt it fit with my learning philosophy.  I feel, my job, as a teacher is to provide an environment where children have the opportunity to test, express and represent their ideas and learning.”


More about Mrs. Eckart:

·  Teaching preschool at Kingsland Community Preschool (formerly St. Andrews Preschool) since 2002

·  15 yrs of continuing education with Reggio workshops

·  Bachelor of Education from the University of Saskatchewan


Mrs. Tanya Green


Mrs. Tanya Green
Mrs. Tanya Green

“One hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, what kind of house I lived in, or how much money I had in the bank, But the world may be a better place because I made a difference in a child’s life”  Author unknown


“My passion is teaching and learning with young children. I especially enjoy facilitating creative play through art and music.


My children attended this preschool where we developed lasting friendships and built strong community connections.  I am ecstatic to continue with this Reggio inspired program as a teacher.”


More about Mrs. Green:

·  Teacher with Kingsland Community Preschool since 2013

·  Early Childhood Educator since 2003

·  Director of Child Care programs

·  Consultant for child development programs

·  Early Childhood Education Diploma and Children Mental Health Certification