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New name. New location. Same great preschool.

Rich tradition of positive learning
“My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have had both of our sons attend St. Andrew’s Preschool, now Kingsland Community Preschool. The school has a long history in our community and has become well known for providing a rich tradition of positive learning, creativity, self confidence, and community spirit all within an accepting, caring, and safe environment.
The preschool and its staff has provided an excellent foundation for our boys’ school careers. We would highly recommend and encourage anyone looking for a similar experience to consider it for your child or children’s first steps on the path to education.”

Jonathan Hasiuk, Parent
Fostered life-long friendships for the children and parents
“Kingsland Community Preschool (formerly St. Andrew’s Preschool) is a community preschool that offers a caring, nurturing programme through its Reggio Inspired Philosophy. Head teacher, Mrs. Nancy Eckart facilitates learning through her patient listening and encouragement of the children. These young learners will develop and socialize through play.


I am a parent of two boys who attended both the 3 and 4-year-old programmes from 2006-2010. Kingsland Community Preschool welcomes all children and has fostered life-long friendships for the children and parents. Nancy is a mother of three grown boys and always has an ear for you and your family. Nancy and her programme will always have a special place in our hearts. Create. Share. Love.”

Adriane Pettit, Parent
I made most of my friends that are in elementary school with me now
“What I liked about preschool was that you get to have lots of little sections that you get to play in and it’s pretty much where I made most of my friends that are in elementary school with me now. So that’s pretty cool.
I really liked the way my teacher let us play, read stories to us and helped us with projects using our imaginations.”

Bryn Williams, Preschool Alumni
Our family experience was very positive
“Nancy Eckart has created a preschool that reinforces the idea that play is the work of young children. Our family experience was very positive and the fundamentals of socialization, responsibility and creativity always played a role in the classroom.  Nancy has made the school light- hearted and fun for the children and the parents. I believe Kingsland Community Preschool is a wonderful way to commence a child’s school experience.”

Kerrie Murray,  Parent
Creative energy abounds
“The inclusive, creative atmosphere at the Kingsland preschool has immensely helped each of my children gain independence, make lasting friendships, and explore their world with a sense of wonder. It’s a fun place–and children need subtly directed fun in our serious world. The caring support of teachers and peers lets them use their imaginations to explore social relationships in a safe, creative way.


To the uninitiated, the classroom may seem wild but with an open eye, it quickly becomes clear that each child is learning, growing, and interacting. Creative energy abounds.”

Jennifer Guillemin, Parent
Trusting, open and friendly!
“Mrs. Eckart is the heartbeat of this successful program. We are ever so thankful for her dedication and deep investment in bettering our community’s children’s lives. My son was always excited to go to school and looked forward to the day’s activities.”

Melanie McMaster, Parent
Positive, formative education experience
“Mrs. Eckart and the community at St. Andrew’s Preschool (now Kingsland) gave both of our children a positive, first experience with education. We have made strong and long-lasting friendships with other parents and children in the neighbourhood as a result of the preschool atmosphere. These relationships have been invaluable as we moved into elementary school.


I can’t begin to say enough good things about Mrs. Eckart. Nurturing, creative, encouraging, respectful, playful, patient: that’s just a start. I wouldn’t trade our time at this community preschool for anything.  And to think we signed up because it was the closest to our house. What a pleasant surprise.”

Jo Williams, Parent
Caring atmosphere
“Our two children spent wonderful years at St. Andrew’s Preschool, now the new Kingsland Community Preschool. The teachers and volunteers created an atmosphere of caring, dedication and fun for everyone. Thank you for making our children’s first school experience special.”

June Munro, Parent
Children encouraged to ask questions
“Our two children attended and flourished at St. Andrews Preschool.  Under the Emilio Reggio inspired program, their creativity has thrived and their ability to direct and develop their learning experience is exactly what we were after.


The teachers create an environment where the children are encouraged to ask question after question and explore to discover answers. The nature based curriculum is expressed throughout the classroom and integrated within the children’s daily activities. The written and visual documentation of our children’s experience the staff have created is something our family will treasure forever.”

Kim Wachtler, Parent
Wonderful experience
“As a parent of two Kingsland Community pre-school (formerly St. Andrews Preschool) alumni, I could go on forever about the wonderful experience not only my boys had, but that I had as well.


We have all continued friendships made at St Andrew’s. Given the opportunity, my boys still want to go and visit their teacher, Mrs. Eckart. She always made going to school so much fun for my them.


The fact that the school was in walking distance from our home was important for me, it gave us the opportunity to walk or ride bikes and really feel like we were part of a community.”

Maeve Clough, Parent